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Desperado (Third Edition)

Desperado is a fast-paced, easy-to-learn, kick-in-the-pants game!!

THE RULES INCLUDE: A Simple Character Generation System, An Innovative Random Card Initiative System, A Unique (Easy to Learn) Combat Chart System, A FULL range of weapons from Bow & Arrows to Buffalo Rifles; and to keep everyone jumping the rules allow you to brawl, wrestle and jump off buildings! For those really annoying characters you can even throw dynamite at them! (Don't be too close!)

PLAYERS: as few as two or as many as twenty players (heck, if you have the time even more).

TIME: 2 hours from start to finish (for an average game). Desperado can be over VERY fast if the dice are hot!

AGE: Recommended for players 12 years and up. (Even Younger Children will enjoy with adequate supervision)

Desperado Desperado


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Desperado Errata!! Check here for latest rule updates!!

Desperado (Third Edition) Rules

48 Pages, 9 scenarios, Photocopiable Sheets for play!!

Item # 99-100

ISBN# 0-9723043-0-4



Available in 8 different colors!