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This is the original classic game released by Superior Models in the early 1980's.

THE RULES INCLUDE: All the original rules released in the original rules, plus all the supplemental material we could lay our hands on. These are the same rules, fast, quick and a great game for playing large numbers of tanks and robots in one game.

PLAYERS: At least = 2 ; At Most = As many players as you can fit on the table

TIME: Varies a great deal on the number of vehicles being used. During playtesting we have found that a game with 10 to 15 vehicles per side and four players takes us about 2 hours from put down and pick up.

AGE: Recommended for players 12 years and up. (Even Younger Children will enjoy with adequate supervision) This age limit is only based upon the use of miniatures with small parts. One of the play test groups for these rules is the Strategy Club at a local Middle School.

MAATAC (Classic Edition). Printed and Bond in a easy to use comb.

Item # 99-200

MAATAC (Classic Edition). On a CD-Rom with all rules and charts easily accessable (and is a form that you can add your own house rules to)

(NOTE: Any Copying, Re-distributing or making; in any way re-selling or distributing (including posting them online) these rules is Illegal!)

Item # 99-200cd