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This page is meant for the use of retail customers.

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Purchase Amount
Shipping Within the United States

International Shipping

$0.00 to $149.99
Due to the wide variety of sizes and weights of the products we carry, we have found it impossible to calculate shipping costs for smaller orders. For that reason, shipping for smaller orders will be based on the EXACT shipping by the least expensive method (either USPS or FedEx Ground) plus a $4.00 handling fee for boxes and packing materials. (NOTE: This handling fee will be reduced to $1.00 if the package goes by USPS priority mail since these boxes are free)

(PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current habit of international FIRST CLASS packages being lost (or mis-placed), All international packages will be shipping using Priority Mail Rates unless you communicate that fact that you are willing to risk the First Class service. If you choose the First Class service, Monday Knight Productions is NOT responsible for packages lost once they leave the United States)

Shipments less than $150.00 will be charged based on exact shipping charge from the USPS plus a $4.00 shipping and handling fee to cover boxes and packing materials.

$150.00 and UP
Packages with a subtotal of over $150.00 will be shipping free of charge within the United States by the most economical method possible (the metal orders this is almost always USPS Priority Mail, while for Resin and Mat orders this is almost always FedEx Ground)

For international packages over $150.00 we will try and help you some with shipping, the shipping charge will be calculated as follows:

EXACT shipping charge from USPS + $4.00 handling MINUS the domestic shipping charge the the port of exit for your package (MKP will pay that amount)

(Europe and Africa that is New York City, while Austrailia, Asia, and South American that is Los Angeles)