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Stender Studios

Back in the dawn he came, back when to pre-teens found that both (through a little.... disagreement on bus) has similar hobbies and that we actually liked each other. Now some, dare I say, 40 years later, they are still great friends and have start to work together in the hobby they both still enjoy. Now, one is a middle school teacher who has learned that he has a talent of making copies of things in several mediums and the other has found a talent in creating designs for their shared hobby. The great thing for all of you, is now you get to share in the fun!

Introduction, Stender Studios, a 3D designer and creator, who has started helping MKP design new pieces of our terrain lines. We are starting off with some of the basics and seeing what we can do into the future!


Polish Barrel Scale

28mm Barrels

Fuel Depot Objective

Fuel Depot Objective (in both 15mm and 28mm Scale)

High Rock Walls

Rock Walls, both high and low in 6mm, 15mm and 28mm!