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  • 11 June 2019 -

    • Wife caught the first issue, returning users who might have bookmarked old pages and keep cookies on your computer, might need to "refresh" your bookmarked pages to find the new options at the top of the screen
  • 11 June 2019 -

    • Well, that was fun. We would like to apologize to any of our customers who were confused by odd looking ads at the bottom of our pages. It appears someone was having fun playing around with our site. After a minor rebuild, our site appears to be back up and running. Two changes you will see:
    1. No more odd ads at the bottom of some of our pages (if you see any we might have missed, please let us know)
    2. A more "smartphone" friendly way of shopping for our product lines. At Enfilade we were shown how our pulldown menus did not function very well on "Smart Phones".

    We continue to work on our site when we have the opportunity.

    Ah, one more thing! The Aquatic Animals Page for our 25mm Animals line appears to have never been connected. Well, now it is, so enjoy our selection of 25mm Aquatic Animals


  • 27 May 2019 -

    • Well, Enfilade is over! It was a great weekend hanging out with old friends, making some new ones. We discussed some new ideas with people.
    • The new snow mats were a hit, as were the new Eastern Front Bunkers, both of which will be hitting the website soon.
    • The new drift markers for Galactic Knights were a hit. Again, coming soon to the site.
    • Overall, a great weekend was had by the entire crew, but now back to our normal jobs and MKP!
  • ENFILADE 2019

    • Is our primary drive right now, we have several venders look for orders to be fulfilled over the next few weeks but we are making great headway to complete another full collection of MKP terrains, miniatures and supplies for the show! See you there!
  • 21 March 2019 - Several Things...
    • The news of our death, illness, and/or unemployment is in error. We are still here and kicking! Although we have been a few hands short this year. This has put us a little behind concerning mat production, but we have been focusing of remastering several of the older Scenic Effects items and producing several newer items
    • Raising teenagers is a challenge and time consuming event that has led to my delay in several aspects of MKP. Although being an Uber Driver for my kids is something I will not be trading in anytime soon. This just means that some of my previous MKP schedules are a little behind.
    • Due to a Vulcanizer crash, we have gotten behind remastering some pieces, but I am happy to say, with some help from a good friend, we are back up and running! Vulcanizer is running almost every weekend and new molds have been seen around the shop again. If you have any requests, let us know, we will see what we can do