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  • 18 Feb 2017 - We have just finished all of the molding and preliminary cast on our two newest large terrain, the 28mm Trench System. This system was designed and mastered by Company B miniatures with MKP handling the molding and casting of the system.
  • Whole Trench System
  • 13 Feb 2017 - Just another short evening at the computer, finally had the chance to finish posting the last piece of Ray Sams 6mm North Africa Buildings, the Mosque.
  • Mosque
  • 12 Feb 2017 - Slow weekend, HTML speaking but got a few things off the back burner and onto the site. New Table and Chairs image (sometimes you just look and have to ask yourself, why in the WORLD did I put that online!), finally getting some of the Moros painted including the primer on some Weapons packs (more painted Moros should be done this week) and off the painting table was a project for myself, that I think many of you might be interested in, Gates for the classic Scenic Effects Walls. I have two more gates in work, this is just the first one. I also noticed that the wall pictures are a little out of date, I will be starting on some images for that as well. Thanks for all of the positive messages through Facebook, it does make things easier when I know people are actually visiting.
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